Runes of Magic: Dragonfang Ridge unveiled

Just in time for the upcoming season, Frogster publishes details about the seventh region of Runes of Magic. Dragonfang Ridge is covered mostly with ice and was the location of numerous conflicts over the years. For many decades, Humans, Ice Dwarfs, Gnolls and Cyclops were fighting for dominance in this area. Their armed conflicts are still leaving a lasting mark on the game world of Taborea.

Despite resource shortages and biting winds, Humans have created settlements in different locations of Dragonfang Ridge, only to lose them just a little later to the Ice Dwarfs and Cyclops. Eventually, even Bors Ironwall’s military finesse couldn’t oppose the threat and the few remaining Human outposts are far-scattered and mostly isolated. Because of that, they are losing more and more of their importance. Numerous ruins in Dragonfang Ridge are evidence of the fact that the conflicts in the region are lasting for eons already. The most prominent ruins in Dragonfang Ridge are the mysterious Rune Throne and the large mountain gate, but today nobody knows anymore what they were once used for.

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