Runes of Magic: new dungeon!

A few weeks before the launch of the award-winning online role-play game Runes of Magic, Frogster is releasing information about new content being built into the release version. This includes the high-level dungeon ‘Kalin Shrine‘, a mysterious place where the dark mage Regin has taken possession and where he sets players some huge challenges.

Located in the dusty wastes of the Dust Devil Canyon, the ‘Kalin Shrine’ was built back in the mists of time, even before the blossoming of the of the old kingdoms. Ancient knowledge resides in the heart of the Shrine and there once was a time when Regin kept this knowledge safe for his own followers, but now he is using the power of the shrine for his own dark purposes. Well armed players are now being requested to drive him out of the sanctuary. This is no simple task; it can only be undertaken by warriors who have the maximum Level 50, since the passages and levels of this lost shrine are populated by ghosts, rune guardians and grave robbers.

In addition, boss level opponents also support the powerful magician in his sinister works. They all demand a special tactical approach from the six man group of adventurers. Just one of the obstacles for players to over come in this struggle is a crystal tortoise which can bind players in solid ice for ten minutes.

However, the most testing battle lies at the heart of the shrine: In order to defend his power, any means is justifiable to the End Boss Regin. Using black magic, he is able to summon some of the already slain bosses back to life and bring them to his aid. Should adventurers master this quest and free the shrine from the evil influence, their troubles will be rewarded with booty in the form of rare armour. Moreover, many more quests are entwined around the ‘Kalin Shrine’ and so continue to lead the story of the Runes of Magic ever onward.


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