Runes of Magic: pets and mounts introduced!

Frogster reveals information to mounts and pets in Runes of Magic shortly before the start of the open beta.

Mounts not only allow for faster travelling, but they also are a status symbol for every Runes of Magic player. They can be rent for a period of time from merchants for ingame currency. This feature is accessible for players right from character level one. Amongst others permanent mounts for lifetime are available at the item shop.

Due to a large selection of pets, collectors will get their money’s worth in Runes of Magic. Besides goblins, cats and wolves, exotic pets like a small Grim Reaper are following the players at every turn in the vast game world. But the following also is essential: the little companions can only rarely be found in the loot of defeated enemies. Impatient players can use the item-shop, where they can buy pets and mounts for either a trial period or their whole life.

In the future Frogster plans additional features for their pets. Already in development are companions that can assist players in battles, cast beneficial magic spells on players and can even fight in special arenas against each other. Frogster also plans to introduce mounted combat in one of the upcoming patches: players can fight on horseback against monsters, as well as human opponents.

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