Runes of Magic Players Victim of the Goldseller War

Runes of Magic Players Victim of the Goldseller War


Last week Frogster disabled the ability to trade Diamonds for gold using the Runes of Magic auction house. In this statement they informed their players that this measure was necessary to combat the growing hold “gold sellers” were having of the in game economy.


“Hello Community,


As you can see here, we have changed the Trade for Gold and Diamonds in the Auction House as well as deactivated the functionalities of sending Gold or Items (C.O.D.) via ingame mail, this is a temporary change.


We will re-establish both as soon as possible again.”


Today Frogster has updated its community with this rather unpleasant news:


“Our measures have also made it necessary to disable the diamond/gold trade in the auction house. We are well aware that this is a feature appreciated by many of our players. However, we regret to announce that at this point, we are not yet ready to reactivate it.”


Frogster also announces it has banned over 1800 gold seller accounts last week and removed their harvested gold and that it will be re-opening player accounts that were closed due to investigations to track down the “dirty” gold.


If Frogster reports these successes in its battle on Gold sellers but is not yet ready to re-open the in-game trade of Diamonds and the mailing of gold we seriously wonder if these option will be back in-game again ever.


All the while the Runes of Magic website is pushing Diamonds as if nothing was going on.

Runes of Magic - Double Diamonds - Same price - but no in game trading of Diamonds anymore!

We have contacted Frogster for comments and will keep you guys up to date!

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