Runes Of Magic: Secret of the Treasure Trove revealed

The ghost ship the ‘Black Mary’ will soon lie awaiting daring adventurers in a dark sinister grotto. In the very near future, the entrance to the high level dungeon ‘Treasure Trove’ with its long-forgotten pirate gold will open. The new instance is found in the online world of Runes of Magic in the newly created Ravenfell territory and furthers the story of the area’s involvement with the Black Sail Pirates. Currently, the Treasure Trove is undergoing final tuning on the test server.
A huge branching cave system awaits adventurers, its inhabitants; however, have long since said farewell to the world of the living. The entrance is guarded by undead pirates. The further players dive into the secret of the Treasure Trove, the more they will encounter ‘Bashing Drybone’ and skeletal warriors. Those who master this challenge will discover an abundant treasure trove on their quest for pirate gold. But be careful: one false step and players will find themselves waylaid by the giant octopus ‘Will’s Curse’.
The final battle awaits adventurer groups on board the ‘Black Mary’. The vanished pirate leader ‘Snow Blake’ and her company will square off against intruders in her cabin, where she will employ all of her undead phantom abilities to finish them off.
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