Runes of Magic sends player into the Savage Lands

Up high, hidden in the tree-tops of the rainforest, the Elves once erected their settlements in the ‘Savage Lands’. Now Frogster reveals the secrets of this new zone that will make its debut with the launch of ‘Chapter II – The Elven Prophecy’ of award-winning MMORPG Runes of Magic.

Situated north-west of the ‘Weeping Coast’ lies the bastion of the elves. The peaceful atmosphere of the thick forest might be deluding to hapless adventurers, making their way into the woods. But here they have to face the Apeman and worse of all the Naga, who broke through the defensive barriers in the west and started building defensive outposts to secure their supply lines.

Further away, adventurers will come across a small camp: The Fungus Village. Innocuous at the first glance, the Fungus-King and his guards will defend their lands ferociously against any intruder. Player will be able to explore the ‘Savage Lands’ during the final launch phase of the second chapter in September. With the raise of the level-cap in August, the adventure starts for all characters level 52 and above.

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