Runes of Magic: The Revenge of the Zurhidon

A series of in-game events starts on Wednesday 14th October!
The Zurhidon have long been quiet. Their last attempts to conquer Taborea failed thanks to the efforts of numerous heroes. But now, one by one, a series of reports is shaking the peaceful population: The Zurhidon are back!
From Wednesday 14th October, Frogster is launching a series of in-game events in the Runes of Magic game world. In a weekly rhythm, a dangerous troop of Zurhidon warriors will strike in turn on the various European servers always at 20:00. In the course of the manually GM controlled event, the Zurhidon will use their sinister powers to the fullest, summoning up demons for their own dire purposes.
In order to overwhelm Taborea, they send  two generals in addition to their demonic and Zurhidon troops. The task lying before players of Runes of Magic will be to beat back this evil and ferocious force. But take care; the powers of darkness will try to cut off the well-intentioned player troops in order to lure them into an ambush. Instead of being content with just one prime location, they will actually attack on two fronts simultaneously. 
Runes of Magic and Onrpg Fan-Fiction Contest
Next to that RoM and Onrpg have worked together to prepare an exclusive contest. Join the contest and win great prizes, as you can see below! Between hitting the 2 Millionth Player Mark and preparing upcoming released, Runes of Magic is offering special game T-Shirts, mouse-mats and unique ingame prizes to the winner of the all new Runes of Magic Fan-Fiction Contest!!
You can prove your writing skills and present a unique story related to RoM and win these great prizes! Find out more on the Fan-Fiction section on the forum!

Runes of Magic prizes

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