RuneScape n.1 most searched term in Canada

Yahoo!, a leading global Internet brand andone of the most trafficked Internet destinations worldwide, today announcedits 2008 Top Searches of the Year, naming Jagex’s RuneScape as the fifthmost popular search term worldwide. RuneScape was also listed as the No. 1most searched term in Canada. RuneScape, Jagex’s hugely successful,massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), provides acharacter-based experience in which players play, travel, and explore in afantasy world. With weekly updates to content and over 100 questopportunities, RuneScape has attracted more than six million gamersworldwide and is one of the largest and most-recognized brands in thegaming industry.

“RuneScape is one of the most internationally recognized MMOs in the worldwith a growing fan base across the globe,” said Geoff Iddison, CEO ofJagex. “Yahoo!’s 2008 Top Search Terms list shows that interest is high andthe game continues to draw millions of players into the ever-evolvingRuneScape world.”
In July 2008 Jagex launched its new High Detail version of RuneScape whichhas redefined immersive online gaming by providing the first Java basedfull-screen MMO experience with the “click-and-play” accessibility of abrowser-based game. Requiring nothing more than an Internet connection anda PC that was built in the last 10 years, RuneScape HD delivers a graphicsexperience typically seen in console games or titles requiring massivedownloads.

Based on results from millions of queries, Yahoo!’s list of top searchedterms offers insight into 2008’s most prominent online content. Past Yahoo!Top Search Term lists have named some of the most influential andinnovative products including Nintendo Wii, the Apple iPhone and YouTube.RuneScape’s placement as No. 5 worldwide acknowledges Jagex’s frontlineposition in the global online game market and the company’s ability tocontinually attract a growing audience. The Yahoo! placement follows anaccolade in August where RuneScape was recognized by Guinness World Recordsas the most popular free MMORPG in the world for a second year in row.

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