Rusty Hearts Closed Beta Date Confirmed

Rusty Hearts Closed Beta Date Confirmed



Perfect World Entertainment is gearing up to begin Closed Beta Testing for Rusty Hearts. The ultimate hack and slash dungeon-crawler and multiplayer online game adds new elements to Perfect World Entertainment’s existing diversified game portfolio by offering players cel-shaded anime art style, fast twitch combat, and controller support. Rusty Hearts CBT phase is scheduled to launch on July 27, 2011.


“Many fans are anxiously waiting to play Rusty Hearts and we are very excited that we will soon be able to welcome players into the fast paced action game,” said Mark Hill, Product Manager for Rusty Hearts . “We’ve been working hard to ensure a smooth closed beta launch for Rusty Hearts and aim to continue raising players’ expectations for free-to-play games.”

In closed beta, players can anticipate a thrilling gaming experience and epic dungeon crawling fights led by the unique heroes of Rusty Hearts , each with their own compelling backstory.  Among the many features that the game has to offer, players will get to challenge themselves with multiple difficulty modes, complete quests, level up and customize their characters, gear up with wicked weapons, and find a PvP experience that suits their taste.



OnRPG is all over this game trying to ensure the most up to date coverage to our fans. At our E3 meeting I had some hands on time with this game and it brought back fond childhood memories of games like Battletoads & Double Dragon. The graphics are crisp, the combat is smooth, and the ability and skill required to unleash full on team combos makes mastering the controls in this game a very rewarding exercise. And big news for next week! We will be meeting with Perfect World next Saturday at the Anime Expo to discuss the never before revealed third champion for Rusty Hearts! Be sure to grab your Closed Beta Key Here to ensure a spot in Rusty Heart’s beta testing.


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