Rusty Hearts Enters Open Beta

Rusty Hearts Enters Open Beta Release



After a successful closed beta testing period, Rusty Hearts is finally live in open beta! Now anyone can download the free-to-play, hack and slash dungeon crawler and begin playing immediately.


Level Cap Increase– Level cap has been upped to level 25.


New Quests- Over 150 new quests to complete and immerse yourself in the Rusty Hearts Universe


Story Quests- 50 additional story quests to complete that will further expand on the Rusty Hearts storyline.


New Village- Entire new village will be added to Rusty Hearts labeled ‘The Church.’



New Dungeons- 16 all new dungeons to raid with new monsters and incredibly challenging bosses.


New Items- Over 500 new non-cash shop items will be added to Rusty Hearts.

New Skills- 19 new skills to learn and master



Tude: Physical Defense, Poison Claw, Low Attack, Power Stomp


Angela: Tornado, Ice Blade, Ice Crystal, Fire Damage


Frantz: Dark Storm Charge, Spiral Stinger Air, Stab of Darkness, Magic Barrier X, Bleeding Air Attack, Divine Drive, Divine Drive Axe, Piercing Lance Air, Vampire, Explosion, Aura of Strength



Also be sure to check out the new Release Trailer featuring some of the newly released cinematics awaiting you in the latest dungeons!

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