Rusty Hearts Releases Cells of Darkness

Rusty Hearts Releases Cells of Darkness




Perfect World Entertainment today launched Cells of Darkness, the second major content update of the popular action beat-em-up MMORPG, Rusty Hearts. But before we get to that, we have an excellent screenshot showcasing the statistics of Rusty Heart’s player base:




Now on to the meat and potatoes of the second content update!



Level Cap Increase: Players can now reach up to level 36. Of course 70 new main quests will be available to get you there along with 110 side quests to pass the time.


Additional District: Check out the new cemetery hub world including the Pet Shed.



New Dungeons: The Conservatory resides atop Castle Vlad, and is filled with tons of never before seen beasts looking to tear the life out of your limp body. The Arboretum takes you into a horrific vegetable garden filled with Mutants, Gorillas, Nepenthes, Mandragoras, and even Onions! The Quarantined Labs are filled with zombified scientists and their terrible final creations, both seeking to add you to their world removed from the outside world. Finally invade Vlad’s Debtor’s Prison where you’ll face off against the guards assigned to keep Vlad’s former partners detained indefinitely.


Pet System: Players can now run dungeons with up to two pets. These creepy looking buddies will push your character to new limits.



New Weapons and Skills: Experience 31 legendary new weapons and 16 new skills.



For screenshots of the new dungeons, be sure to check out our game profile!

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