Rusty Hearts Reveals Upcoming Requiem Update

Rusty Hearts Reveals Upcoming Requiem Update



Perfect World Entertainment delighted fans today with the reveal of their next Rusty Hearts content update, Requiem! Players will now delve deeper in the engrossing tale of Frantz search for his lost lover Amelia. And there will be clowns… The most horrifying clowns ever…



Of course the part of this update that really has players excited is the introduction of Rosalle Vergerius as a cash shop alternative to Frantz. Rosalle offers a sleek succubis styled alternative to Frantz and is well worth the purchase in my opinion.



Other key features of this update include a level cap increase to 45, over 200 new skills, new items to accompany the new content, and a new hub world known as the Training Camp. Requiem will also throw players into the most intense dungeon experience to date, in which 8 players total must form up as an Expedition to challenge “The Altar,” featuring a gauntlet in which Margoras throws every challenge you’ve faced up to this point at your team in an all out war of attrition. One mistake and it’s all over so choose your allies wisely before jumping into this new mode.



In addition to the Expedition, four new dungeons will be offered including:


Opera House: Robust acoustics, perfect sound insulation and throngs of minions, the Opera House is the first dungeon available as you enter the Training Camp and it’ll having you screaming in falsetto. Welcome to Cirque De La Mort, or Circus of Death. The clowns, marionettes and vocalists residing in this abandoned Opera House are no laughing matter. Fight your way through a variety of new foes and encounter the graceful thespian boss, Baron.



Catwalks: Think you’re too sexy for Catwalks? Think again! The Golden Seal team will have to navigate their way through the dangerous wing of the Opera House and encounter Nobleman, Knights, Bishops and more. Don’t think just because you’re traversing the catwalks that you’ll be stuck in the rafters; rumor has it there is a secret underground lair filled with mysterious and gargantuan monsters.



Gallery: As a haven for art connoisseurs the gallery is known for immaculate and awe inspiring masterpieces. Unfortunately you’ll find more than just impressionism, pointillism or cubism in this gallery… Watch out for Eel-lusionists, Templars, Prankers and the egomaniacal dungeon boss, Joker, as you get a massive dose of surrealism.




Ramparts: As a heavily fortified embankment this stone fort stands between you and the fire-breathing bull, Chimera. One does not simply walk in to Ramparts; you will need to brawl your way in to the castle’s stone defenses to defeat Gargoyles, Lion Statues, Grave Keepers and Fallen Wizards.



Be sure to check out the new teaser trailer showing off some of the finer points of Requiem!

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