S4 League Season 3 Designed by Players

S4 League 2012 Expansion Designed by Players



Alaplaya has announced that popular anime-inspired shooter S4 League will receive a major expansion in 2012… which rests entirely in the hands of the game’s community. S4 League: Season 3 will be dreamed up by players the world over, who are invited to submit their ideas in a new “Design the Season” contest. The winner will receive an incredible prize of 100,000 alaplaya points, as well as the pride of seeing their concept brought to life within the game and played by S4 competitors for years to come.



“We get great suggestions and ideas every single day from our players. They all love S4 League as much as we do, and they’re hungry for more,” said Achim Kaspers, Managing Director of ProSiebenSat.1 Games. “Right now, nobody knows what kind of new surprises Season 3 will bring, so we’re asking our fans to share their speculations and dreams with us and help us build the perfect S4 League update.”



Players are encouraged to submit any and all ideas for the Design the Season contest, including the advancement of the S4 League story and the driving force behind the league’s changes, as well as concepts for new levels, game modes, weapons, costumes, maps, and characters. The contest winner will receive 100,000 AP, and all entrants will be eligible to win one of ten raffle prizes worth €10 in any alaplaya game. Be warned though that this contest ends tomorrow, October 7th. So if you still want to be a part of it, you need to submit your ideas now!

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