Sad News: Pokemon Go Fest Failed Hard

Pokemon Go Fest 1

Shoutout to Nelia who caught this!

People from all over the world traveled to Chicago for the “Pokemon Go Fest”, a show to celebrate Pokemon Go, and participate in exclusive fest-only events, get some free stuff, and get exclusive information. There are people who spend hundreds, nay, thousands of dollars to travel from Australia or Japan, get a hotel in Chicago, not to mention the people that had to scalp tickets that were way over the twenty dollar buy-rate. What was their greatest gift Niantic could offer them? Disappointment. During most of the event, the game didn’t even work! That’s the absolute worst thing that could possibly happen. There were rumored to be outages or lack of data coverage by a few companies [AT&T were mostly thrown under the bus in my research], and the Niantic President was booed out of town before he could even speak! Now, I think Pokemon Go is a pretty cool concept. Ideally, we’d all be out there capturing Pokemon and battling, occasionally spending some money on the game, sure, because it’s free. But instead, it’s really just an old game they created with a new skin on it [admittedly, a pretty Pokemon skin]. I don’t think Pokemon Go is a bad game … but something isn’t quite there.

CEO of Niantic booed on stage during Pokemon Go Fest 2017 in Chicago, Illinois -

People are wise to that, and though there are still tons of people who play, I can see why fans would be upset. Especially people who attended Pokemon Go Fest. They were supposed to be a part of/receive exclusive content, that now they could not because the game wouldn’t work. That is literally the worst thing that could happen. I think what killed the game for me and ruined my enjoyment was how slow new content would come out, and how hard it is for people who live outside of bigger cities to capture rare/useful Pokemon. For me personally, I have to drive a good ten minutes at least to start catching decent stuff, and that’s because of where I live. The distribution of Pokemon is more than a little disappointing. Sure, the game’s getting better, and I’ve seen one or two friends capture a Legendary, but I think the game needs a little something more. Some kind of story mode? Maybe better battles? There are lots of ways it could be fixed up. But I genuinely want Niantic to succeed; they should have put more testing/research into where they hosted the Fest at. Even if it was just a freak accident, it could not have been timed worse. At least the fans got their money back, and 100 dollars worth of in-game stuff, but what about those people that traveled from far away or had to pay exorbitant fees for a ticket? I feel for them. I know I’d be enraged beyond reason.

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  • Endathel

    Shit sucks, I’ll have to see about all that went down here. Hate to be a fan and travel but I guess in game rewards are why they came to begin with. They at least got those.