Saga Of Ryzom Major Event

Attention! Three weeks ago, when we started the Event code named “Spring, when flowers bloom”, construction of many observation camps has been progressing steadily, and most camps have been finished as you can see here. Now, suddenly, many Kitins of the Depths look to be invading and swarming all over the world of RYZOM, disrupting our work. These powerful, mutated arachnids have only one goal: to destroy us all!
PLEASE COME AND HELP US URGENTLY or we will PERISH. We absolutely need to get supplies to the newly built observation camps, to train and maintain guards, to grow strong enough to clear their region. Here is the list of what we need to survive:
    > We need FORAGERS
    > We need PEOPLE to transport the supplies to the camps.
    > We need FIGHTERS and MAGES to protect the foragers and the transporters.
    > We need ATTACKERS to counter attack and kill theses Kitins.
Be careful and behold; these are dangerous times to live on Atys…
Join the biggest invasion of mutated arachnids that has ever happened before in Ryzom and help us SURVIVE and DESTROY them. PLEASE COME HELP US as soon as possible; it is happening now….

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