Savage Eden Server Cluster Expansion announced by New Game World

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA—JUNE 14, 2007– NEW GAME WORLD, INC. New Game World has announced the launch of a newly expanded server cluster for its Savage Eden “Foretold Strife” game world. This new server cluster is being implemented to handle the recent surge in subscribers to Savage Eden’s Foretold Strife cluster, which is designed to meet the needs of international subscribers interested in special events based on GMT.

“It is exciting to see that since the release of the Dmitron Expansion, activity in Savage Eden’s Foretold Strife game world has grown some 400-percent”, said Edward Andercheck, New Game World, Inc., Chairman, “The new server cluster we are adding is specifically designed to provide a great game play experience for our customers participating in the new event driven features of the “Foretold Strife” world.

<p> New Game World publishes and operates Savage Eden, a popular Massively Multiplayer Online role playing game developed by T Entertainment Corp. The Dmitron Expansion was the exciting culmination of two years of development work, demonstrating the team’s commitment to our network of gamers. Players can take on new roles as venders, or merchants in this GMT based Foretold Strife world, or participate in our live GM operated game events, including special challenge quests and the game’s enormously successful soccer tournaments.

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