Scarlet Blade Sets its Tone with Amazing Vistas and Exotic Locales

Scarlet Blade Sets its Tone with Amazing Vistas and Exotic Locales



A rich tapestry of gorgeous environments awaits in Scarlet Blade from Aeria Games, a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games. The unique massively multiplayer online role-playing game features eye-catching characters, but they aren’t the only beautiful sights players will find within.

Though Scarlet Blade takes place on a futuristic Earth, the world has been radically changed due to the hostile invasion of the alien race known as Narak. Players begin their journey in a technologically advanced underground base. From the moment they emerge on the surface in the starting zone of Enocia and witness the vast environment—dominated by the creeping overgrowth on the ruins of once-proud cities—the mixture of nature and technology will be a centerpiece of Scarlet Blade’s diverse locations.

Exploring the world will lead players to dense forests of giant mushrooms crawling with monstrous slithering worms, while broken-down industrial complexes house what’s left of the Narak’s sinister biological experiments. The action heats up in electrifying instances such as Bitterstone Core, where players will go up against members of the Shadow Army, treacherous humans that have sided with the Narak.

But Scarlet Blade’s unique take on a post-apocalyptic setting also provides ample opportunity for fun and frolic. Nestled in the midst of the frozen mountains of Mereholt lies a sunny beach oasis tucked away for determined players to find. And the Delilah Club offers the hottest nightlife in any MMORPG where battle-weary warriors can dance and party the night away.

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