Scarlet Legacy Closed Beta Approaches, Skill Details Revealed!

Scarlet Legacy Closed Beta Approaches, Skill Details Revealed!



Games Campus has released the details behind Scarlet Legacy’s new skill system.  Fittingly named “Martial Arts”, players must use their experience to train up in each of the three revealed categories (Talents, Skills, and Stances) to create a character unique to their tastes and abilities. Players can sign up now for a chance to get a spot in the game’s upcoming closed beta test which is scheduled to start August 4!



Skills are the basis of the player’s repertoire in Scarlet Legacy; these actions include a variety of moves good for all classes depending on which role that they are undertaking.  These abilities are unlocked simply by rising in the ranks at each even level. All skills max out at level 10.  War Stomp, Impact Stab, and Ridicule make up just a small portion of the many skills that will be unlocked as the players become hardened veterans.



Talents unlock once a player reaches level 10 and one talent point is awarded for each level the player gains after that. Trees contain a mix of free-floating abilities and chained abilities, where the precursor must be learned before the more advanced ability can be taken. Talents give players the ability to customize their skills, with increased power, reduced cool downs, increased critical rates and more. Goofed and put a talent in the wrong tree?  Most Martial Arts trainers can reset a player’s talents!



Last in the training triumvirate is Stances, which are used for both offensive and defensive purposes.  While stances max out at level five, their secrets are hidden and much more difficult to come by. You will have to travel the world and defeat powerful monsters or discover hidden treasures to gain access to these elite skills. Stay tuned to OnRPG as we will cover stances in more depth as the game approaches its launch date.

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