Scarlet Legacy Reveals Slew of Features as CB Approaches

Scarlet Legacy Reveals Slew of Features as CB Approaches



GamesCampus announced the details behind the inherent Aid Systems build right into its upcoming MMORPG, Scarlet Legacy.  Intended to provide some important help for newcomers to the genre and allow veterans to automate certain rote activities, martial artists will be able to automate activation of multiple game systems based on specified combat contingencies to perfect their gameplay. Players can sign up now for a chance to get a spot in the game’s upcoming closed beta test which is scheduled to start August 4, 2011!

The Auto-Help system is one of the most unique features in Scarlet Legacy, which automates typical activities players use on a regular basis.  This function can be set up to buff players and their group, or use potions when a player’s health, mana, or stamina drop below a certain percentage.  After level  11, characters can organize their attacks with Combat Aid, which will execute a set of spells and attacks in the order the player specifies under the environmental circumstances they dictate.


Playing alone or working together, players can trigger the Chain Kill System.  This is a running counter of enemies killed within a short period of time; the faster and more frequently the characters defeat challenging enemies, stronger buffs are applied to them to steamroll further into more dangerous areas.  The larger the sequence of Chain Kills, the better the rewards as the players continue to rack up kills and when the combo reaches certain stages, the characters will also receive randomized unique in-game item rewards that increase in value and rarity the higher the Chain Kill combo goes!


At level 30, players can enter into a Master and Apprentice relationship.  This is a great way to introduce your friends to the game regardless of the level difference – if the master is online while the student is playing, the student will gain bonus experience. This boon scales up the higher level the Master is, so seeking a seasoned veteran is very important!  In exchange for their advanced knowledge, each time the Apprentice gains a level, his or her Master gains currency to spend in the games item shops and item mall; they will also receive additional bonuses if their Apprentice tries out the cash shop for themselves.

Scarlet Legacy’s Couple System allows characters to enter into in-game relationships and eventually marry, which grants them in-game benefits such as special perks, skills, and buffs.  Players can increase the level of their relationship with each other by taking on quests from Marriage NPCs, or by offering spoils of war found in-game or in shops to each other as gifts. As the relationship increases in level from the time spent playing in-game together and completing quests, the more powerful the two characters become.


The Fealty System is unlocked once characters reach the maximum level of 100.  Swear to protect up to four friends; and as you play together you will increase in friendship points based on the time spent in battle alongside one another.  Players who have taken an oath together with this system share a number of benefits including shared foe and blacklists for in-game PvP and PvE systems, as well as special abilities such as instant teleportation to one another, and other in-game perks.  A maximum friendship level of 100 awards both players with cash shop currency!

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