Science Has Gone Too Far: Magikarp Jump Game


A friend mentioned this to me today. Our conversation went as follows:

Trevell: So I’m playing that Magikarp for phone.
Me: …
Trevell: Right.

It’s called Magikarp Jump [and here for you iOS people]. His goal is to have a quote “Hella Magikarp”.  That’s where we are as a society. To raise powerful, high-jumping Magikarp. And this is a legit title! This isn’t some fan game that I see. When I went to download it for myself, I saw “Pokemon Company”, which tells me that this is something. This is how far we’ve come as a people, that we’re making games about Magikarp. Now Magikarp isn’t as cool as the best, strongest Pokemon [Caterpie], but it’s awfully damn close. I have a huge pile of them on Pokemon Go. However, in this region, this little area, your goal is to raise a strong enough Magikarp to tackle the eight leagues and be the Magikarp Jumping Champion. This is a real thing that’s happening, it’s a thing people are downloading and playing, and it honestly blows my mind. He just flops along the pier, where you fished him up at. And you know something? I might sound like I’m bashing it as a stupid waste of time, but I legit want to see people doing Magikarp Jumping Tournaments. I want to see this explode in a huge, ironic wave of popularity. You can train your Magikarp, feed it berries in the water, level it up, and go tackle the Leagues! You battle for the best jump. I’ve been told that some perilous fates can befall your Magikarp though, and I feel like I will become emotionally invested in this, even if I don’t want to. I already have a Magikarp that’s over 1k JP [Jump Power] and Medium Sized, though my second opponent looks large sized. Unfortunate fates can befall your Magikarp, you can find some coins, get nuggets, all sorts of random events. I’m presently obliterating these Leagues! I have to say… I did not think I was going to love this as much as I have. This game is adorable, and way more fun than I gave it credit for.

And as a fun bonus, the Magikarp Song:

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  • Vulkary

    RIP KarpalTunnel T_T

    • Ragachak


  • Herschel Pilcher III

    The fact that this game exists, shows how far we’ve come as a species. Truly a groundbreaking game, with a truly breakout star.

    This just goes to show that any idea, no matter how foolish it might sound, has the potential to bring joy to someone’s life.

    • Ragachak

      I won’t lie, I thought it was dumb as Hell. Then.. I downloaded it. And I have a second gen Magikarp already.