Secret of Solstice: New Dungeon and Events Arrive

The latest patch for the free-to-play MMORPG Secret of the Solstice is now available, introducing a challenging new high level dungeon, community-requested balance changes, and some exciting new in-game events.

The doors sealing the Sleepless Grave dungeon below the sandy city of Eir have been opened, allowing high level players to access the dangerous crypt for the first time. Players willing to brave the mummies, stone warriors, and minotaurs who make the Sleepless Grave their home will be rewarded with valuable Xen Stones – magical items that allow players to enhance and modify their gear. Low level players haven’t been forgotten – the Xen Stone drop rate has also been dramatically increased in all of Solstice’s dungeons.

The famous Xenian war hero Drekard will also be leading bands of adventurers into the game’s many dungeons on Thursday, October 9th, including the new Sleepless Grave. Players that manage to stay by Drekard’s side for the entirety of the event will be rewarded with powerful in-game prizes.

Finally, players who aren’t yet ready for their first taste of Secret of the Solstice dungeon spelunking can log on Saturday, October 11th for the Welcome to Xen event. The Solstice GMs will be helping players new to the world of Xen through their first quests, answering questions, and even handing out in-game items.

For full patch notes or more information on any of these upcoming events, visit the Secret of the Solstice website now.

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