Secret of the Solstice: Valentine’s Month-Long Promo Event.

Secret of the Solstice: Valentine’s Month-Long Promo Event.


The GM Team of Secret of the Solstice have been busy working on fun and exciting ingame content for February “the month of LOVE”!
Cupid has come to the world of Xen and needs you to help save Valentine’s Day in two new exciting Valentine’s Day quests!

The Dungeon of Blackheart

Cupid has lost his arrows and needs your help to find it! Journey to Blackheart’s dungeon and retrieve his arrows to earn a 7-day Cupid’s Loving Heart Helmet.

The Letters of Love

Monsters all over Xen are dropping heart-shaped letters! Visit Cupid in Brynhilld to unravel this mystery. Bring him letters that spell out Valentine’s Day words to receive special prizes. Try and figure out all the secret words!

Valentine’s Day items coming to Xen!

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, and love is in the air in Xen! Be the first to get these Love Masks when they are released on February 1st!

Valentine's day items

Valentine’s day items come to Xen!


You can also get the Love Masks in the Valentine’s Day Packs, which feature the Love Mask, Loving Hearth Emoticons, Rose Emoticons, and tons of love-themed consumables! Available in 7- or 30-day versions, both packs will be available February 1st in the Solstice Store.

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