Secrets from Zu Online Developer 2

IGG (the Distributor of Zu Online) today invited the Zu Online ( development team to continue our discussion about the unique aspects of Zu Online.
The Zu team could go on and on about how beautiful the graphics in Zu are, how they blend perfectly with not only the atmosphere of the game but also with the characters, but the real question players are probably wondering is “Why?”
The developers of Zu Online are a picky bunch; they wanted a great deal of detail, smooth textures, and an immersive feel, all in all they wanted the best of the best. This is why they decided to use the famous LITHTECH engine as the platform for their game. They then took this engine and synced it perfectly with the game to maximize all its features. After this they used the most advanced Cartoon-Style rendering technology to effortlessly integrate the characters into this extraordinary environment.
The result has been the perfect blend of technology and vision, allowing Zu Online to place itself at the forefront of the fiercely competitive gaming industry for some time to come.
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