SG Interactive Unleashes the Leviathan in Grand Chase: Heroes

SG Interactive Unleashes the Leviathan in Grand Chase: Heroes


Grand Chase


A devastating new force awaits players in SG Interactive’s action MMORPG, Grand Chase: Heroes, with the release of the powerful Leviathan as the third job for the powerful demon-born Dio, Leviathan introduces a new choice in play-style for Dio fanatics. The new job hinges around different battle stances – the Devil Pose for conquering dungeons and the Weapons Pose to excel in PvP combat. Dio’s third job is available now, and interested players can try out the character by registering for free on the official game page.



Details of the Leviathan job include:

The new weapon, Soul Reaver: The Soul Reaver is a scythe weapon that gives players a deadly edge in combat. It bristles with the power of the grim reaper, as its wrath has been wrought on scores of monsters and players alike.

The customizable “Marble System:” The key to victory is adaptability. Players can customize their attack style and dominate the battlefield by changing the different weapon effects with Dio’s “Marble System.”

New combos: The “Marble System” combined with the powers of the Soul Reaver will allow skilled combatants to create brand new combos to chain together vicious attacks. These new combos can control the battle or dominate enemies in PvP and dungeons.


Grand Chase


To help players get started with Leviathan, from now until May 15, SG Interactive will hold special events including:

The “Leviathan is Here!” Event: Brawlers will earn bonus rewards including the +10 Epic Reinforcement Stone Chest, just by unlocking Dio’s Leviathan mission.

Get a Taste of Dio’s Power Event: By playing as Dio or as a member of Dio’s team players will receive a 20% EXP boost in dungeons and PvP

Leviathan’s Rage Package Sale: Players can purchase the Leviathan’s Rage Package at a 10% discount.



Dio, tasked with destroying the dimensional portals that open up to the demon world, is forced to unseal more of his reckless power to deal with them. Leviathan builds on Dio’s existing jobs but gives players more customization and specialization to deal with foes. Players can alter his skills on the fly to be deadly in PvP or dungeons with the Weapon and Devil poses.

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