Shadow of Legend Set to Release on March 5th!

If I were a criminal, I would PK everything that moves… especially the newbies, because it is FUN.

Situation sound familiar? Well, not to worry. If you were a newbie and kept getting PK’d, and was just about to quit, your prayers have been sent down from the Heavens… err Focus Groups.

That’s correct. The arrival of Shadow of Legend is finally here, boasting upgrades to the game that stems directly from your active participation in our beta testing. To name a few upgrades right off the bat, version features (1) protection for low level players, (2) smaller file size for a more tolerable download, and (3) a Master-Student system to stimulate team-work and boost experience points.

Anyways, below you’ll find a more detailed list of improvements we’ve made to Shadow of Legend Version Enjoy!

• Optimized the client size (PC is now around 1.7 gbs, while PPC is now around 600 mb)
• The difficulty in required experience for players to reach level 40 has been turned down.
• We’ve improved the user interface, so the controls would be smoother.
• Gifts will be sent via in-game mail to players who reach levels 10, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40.
• Added sound effect when players drag items.
• Players can’t PK in prisons.
• Added new system, the Master-Student system.
• Modified food prices.
• Modified quest rewards.
• Items in Item-Mall have been fixed and re-opened.
• Added new bosses in maps available to level 20 and up players.
• Added an evil guard in maps available to level 40 and up players.
• Low level players now have protection.
• System info, such as announcements, will be displayed on the lower right-hand corner of the game screen.
• A transmit NPC is now available, who will allow players to teleport between maps.

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