Shadow of Legend Leveling Up Contest Results

After two weeks of putting your blood, sweat, and tears in this heated competition, the Shadow of Legend GreyRock Leveling-Up Contest has finally come to an end! Just by looking at the Player Rankings, we were marveled at how fast all of you were able to level up in just two weeks. You impressed us with your valiant efforts and competitive spirit, which is why we have awarded the top twenty-five levelers special gifts to spice up the game for them.

At our Player Rank page:, you can find the top twenty-five winners of the Shadow of Legend GreyRock Leveling-Up contest. The top five were awarded diamonds and NEVER-BEFORE-RELEASED mounts, and the rest were awarded diamonds.

Don’t be surprised if you see new mounts running around town. Those mounts are exclusive only for the top five winners, and their reward is the privilege to ride and show them off. Check out our game at if you want to see them in action!

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