Shadow of Legend New Event: “Advent of Azrael”

Wednesday, June 12th marked the version update for Shadow of Legend. A couple of new instances and events were introduced, one of which is called, “Advent of Azrael.”

Azrael, one of the Seven Sons of Sin, is bent on destroying Agnes, leaving the lands desolate and barren. Union and Chaos have never faced a threat as such before, especially one so close to their main cities! Protect your loved ones and defend the main city!

What: Advent of Azrael Event
When: Everyday, 7:00pm PST
Where: In the fields outside of Phynas and Greyrock Castle


1. Player beware! Azrael is a Demon God, so it will be very VERY strong. Grouping with other players, or playing with your guild is the surest way you can ensure the demon’s defeat.

2. Once Azrael is slain, huge rewards will be available for the picking. The rewards will appear in a nearby area. However, if Azrael is not slain by 10:00 pm PST, the rewards will not appear.

Good luck surviving!

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