Shadow of Legend Spring Special

Players at or above Level 15 can receive materials and a free staff from the appointed NPC in between May 1st to May 3rd. In order to receive your items, please visit an
“Event Envoy” located at these locations:

South Horea coordinates: 404, 1561
Fluorescent coordinates: 555, 782
Distant Valley coordinates: 736, 225
Phynas coordinates: 721, 1157
Grey Rock Castle coordinates: 398, 906
Wild Track coordinates: 484, 484

Depending on your class, your character(s) can receive the following:

Warrior: Copper Ore*200/day
Mage: Pine*200/day
Monk: Ragged skin*500/day
Archer: Hemp*500/day

Crafting your own armor and weapons is not an easy job, especially when you have to travel through the dangerous lands of Agnes to collect the materials used to make your items. Only for a few days will we make it easy for you to hone your crafting skills. Just ask any high level player how important crafting skills are later on in the game. They be taking advantage of this opportunity, so don’t miss out!

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