Shadow of Legend V0.8.10.0 Released on July 16

Shadow of Legend v0.8.10.0, a large scale update, is released on July 16. This version includes a number of exciting new features and fixes that players have anticipated. Listed below is a summary of the updates. For more info, please visit or click link:

Update Summary

1. Arena System
This is an exclusive map where players compete fiercely in teams regardless of
factions. Winners get exp, Honor Points, and bragging rights.

2. The Sparkling Labyrinth Event:
This is a layered maze where adventurers get lots exp and quality crafting

3. Virtual Player Functions
These functions automate certain gameplay such as monster slaying, potion
replenishment, and loot.

4. Honor Store
This is where players exchange Honor Points for items to further improve their PVP

5. Two new instances and five new maps
These are additions for high level players.

6. New Purple gear crafting
Crafting purple gear for level 40-90 is now available.

7. Many others.

We are very pleased about the new release and have no doubt that players will have a wave of blasts until next update. For those who have not played the game, this would be the best time ever to join because aside from these new features, we just rolled out GreyRock new server, guild support program, and a referral program in beginning of July.

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