Shadowy Contracts Now On Steam Early Access

Shadowy Contract Screenshot

Developed by Mark Nasr, Shadowy Contracts is a stealth RPG – and it’s now available on Steam Early Access.

The player takes the role of a new assassin who hopes to change the troubles of the world, now ruled by King Arthur. Currently the game features 52 weapons, 38 armor sets, and 21 weapon effects, with more to come in later development. Players can use their funds from successful assassinations to hire and lead mercenaries in larger battles.

Mark Nasr stated via press release:

“I’ve loved playing games from a very young age. I used to wonder about how they were actually made – and if I would ever be able to create my own games one day. A part of me has always been fascinated by the stealth genre and what makes those games tick – even more so with games such as Skyrim that combine stealth and combat! After studying software engineering and spending a few years working on smaller games, I finally had the chance to develop my own title. I’m thrilled that it’s finally out – and I can’t wait to hear from players.”


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