Shards Online Hits New Kickstarter Goal

Shards Kickstarter

Yesterday, Shards Online hit their main goal for their second Kickstarter project, one of the hottest projects right now (according to Kicktraq.)

The team has now posted new stretch goals, which will be features crammed into alpha rather than promised at release. They include roleplayer emotes and animations, fishing, story creation tools, and an additional map.

Project Lead Derek Brinkmann says, “If Ultima Online and Neverwinter Nights had a love child, Shards Online would be the result. By combining the persistent virtual world of Ultima Online with the freedom of community run servers and the ability to act as a dungeonmaster in Neverwinter Nights, we are creating a paradise for roleplayers where you are no longer constrained by the rules handed to you by the development team.”

Shards Online’s team also notes that a female character was available in pre-alpha, rather than listed as a stretch goal (as some campaigns do). The second Kickstarter campaign began with a smaller goal that would allow the game to focus on getting to alpha.

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