Shifu: Kung-Fu MMO Receives March Update


The Global game publisher 37Games is releasing a new update for its Kung Fu inspired MMORPG “Shifu” on 4th March,2015. New features include The Soul of Mount System and the Beast Soul Awaken Pill. Shifu takes players back to the times of Ancient China where rival factions battle in an all-out struggle for supremacy.

The Opening Mount system awakens the hidden Sacred Beast soul that resides in every beast you manage to tame. Whenever a mount reaches Rank 6, ingots can be used to awaken the beast soul.Each subsequent awakening accumulates blessing points, which increases the probability of a successful awakening.

Upon awakening, the beast soul will turn into a fierce dragon. Under its hideous form lies the primal power which players can use to buff their character.

In addition, players can use [Beast Soul Awaken Pill] to open Specialized Resistance. There are 14 Specialized Resistances in total, which only activate after a Mount Skill reaches level 400. Players will be immune to certain skills after deploying the Specialized Resistance.

Login your Shifu and check out the new feature now!

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