Sho Online Announces Major Update

Sho Online Announces Major Update


Sho Online will be undergoing major changes in September 15, 2010. Players will now be able to level up to level 150. All ratings related to defense, offense, levels, skills, item prices and masteries will be changed and rebalanced accordingly. Additionally, there will be some graphic changes made. All maps will be retouched to take on a brighter image: you will actually see castles glow during nights. Some monsters will be graphically enhanced. A new level 85 set items will be introduced.


Sho Online


Sho Online flag event and return of the legend event will also take place in time of the update. Each time you pick up a flag, your basic stats and critical hit rate will be enhanced for 1 minute. Also Sho Online will be giving away new items to the returning users. To receive the item, the players must have not played Sho Online for at least a month and a half.


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