Sho Online Beta Test kicks off with a fresh start!

Sho Onine, Lizard Interactive’s second global service, kicks off with 1,000 testers from all over the world..

Seoul, Korea – March 18, 2007 – Sang-Wook Lee, CEO of Lizard Interactive Co., Ltd., announced today that Sho Online has successfully launched its Closed Beta Test (CBT).

The 1st CBT of Sho Online has launched 18th of March will continue until the 25th of March 2008 (GMT). Selected testers will have chance to take a first peek at what Sho Online is made of. So far 1,000 testers are testing the game under the stable service and server condition. Along with the promising result, Sho Online Team is planning to
Invite 1000 more CBT users.(Soon will be posted through the official website )

Sho Online is also executing a CBT Event for users to win Nintendo DSL. Testers have to simply submit bug reports within the game or submit proud screenshots of their game play. It is a simple event to boost up the active participation and It also shows Sho Online project team’s great effort to revised the game to its perfection.

CEO Sang-Wook Lee said “I would like to thank all gamers who have applied for Sho Online CBT. With their support, we are off to a promising start. For those who couldn’t join our 1st CBT, We will try our best make more opportunity for more users to be part of the CBT. Finally, as CBT progresses, we will implement well-systemized game management and various updates to provide better service for you.”

‘Sho Online’ is 3D MMORPG developed based on true Chinese epic tale of the brutal and merciless war which took place between the two nations ‘Yin’ and ‘Zhou’, the game will take you to the mystic world of Taoism in the 11th century BC.

Players start the game by selecting the dynasty of their choice between Yin and Zhao. Once players choose their destiny, all must fight with honor to defend and conquer the 80 mutual territories based on true historical locations. More territories you gain more hunting grounds you secure for your nation. Players are to expand their territories by going through various quests and challenges that they encounter throughout the game. Players will fight for their fame, wealth, and honor till the day they are acknowledged as heroes. Depending on their active participation at the battle ground, rewards and earned fame will differ from one another.

Sho Online brings some of its unique and strong features. War System between the two rival dynasties naturally leads players to bond within their own community, but hostility to grow towards their enemy. When defending and attacking the enemy territory, players can transform into siege weapon such as catapult, ballista, and many more.

Games also may find other features such as differed Pet System and Rare Items & Enchant System enjoyable. Pets in Sho Online grow, transform, assist in combat, and, of course, its ride-able while Rare Items & Enchant System offers its players to test their nerves and luck. Player will get to choose to enchant and upgrade an item in exchange for possibility of loosing it even though it may be rare that everyone desires.

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