Shot Online To Host

San Jose-based online game publisher, announced today that it will launch the 2009 United Cup, a global scale tournament between the USA and European Union in its game, Shot Online. The preliminary tournament will take place today, May 13 through Tuesday, May 19th and will be held in the game’s Hela course.
The finals for the tournament will be held on May 21st at the game’s Rufus Arena. Shot Online can be downloaded and played for free at There is a fee of 200,000 NG to enter the tournament. Prizes will be awarded to the top ten players and will include special equipment, clothing sets and campus credits.
“The United Cup has become our most popular event because our US and European players love to battle each other for the win,” said Eliot Kim, Community Manager of Shot Online. “Shot Online has a tremendous following across the globe and we are looking forward to a great turnout, as always, for the tournament this year.”
About the 2009 United Cup
Any player (beginner, amateur, semi pro or pro) can participate in the
2009 United Cup. Players are allowed to participate in the tournament with only one character (the highest level character per account) and can participate in this tournament up to eight times. The best score submitted will be the player’s final score.
In the tournament, players will be asked whether they are from United States or the European Union and then will be matched against players from their own region. Players also have the option to choose to represent either the United States or the European Union if they have a preference.
The top ten players from the USA and European Union will play in the United Cup Finals on May 21st at Shot Online’s Rufus Arena for special prizes. Winners will each be awarded prizes including a set of United Cup clothing, a repairable United Cup driver and 5,000 campus credits.

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