Shotgun News 10/15: MechWarrior, LoL, Transformers Universe, and Much More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 10/15: MechWarrior, Marvel Heroes, LoL and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist




MechWarrior Online Postpones Open Beta

An announcement has come from the makers of MechWarrior Online saying that they would be delaying the launch of open beta. They haven’t said when open beta would begin. Only that they have listened to the concerns of players and as a result decided to hold off for a while longer while some changes are made.



Marvel Heroes NYCC Video Announces New Playable Characters

A new trailer has been released for Gazillion’s upcoming super hero title Marvel Heroes. In it they show off three newly announced heroes to play; Jean Grey, Luke Cage and NOVA.



Turbine Studios Faces Patent Infringement Lawsuit

In a move that is somewhat reminiscent of the lawsuits Turbine is facing a lawsuit from a Canadian company called Treehouse Avatar Technologies. Treehouse is going after Turbine for a breach of their copyright of a “method and system for presenting data over a network based on network users choices and collecting real-time data related to said choices.” Treehouse was awarded this copyright in may of this year while Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online have both been around for quite a bit longer. This will be an interesting one to watch, so breakout the popcorn.



Transformers Universe Trailer Unvealed at NYCC

The first trailer for Transformers Universe was released this weekend at New York Comic Con. Until now Jagex has been keeping all information on the upcoming Transformers title close to their chest. But it looks like that is going to be changing. Keep an eye out for more news on it here. Until then, enjoy the trailer.



Taipaei Assassins Win League of Legends World Championship

In a packed arena in Southern California Taipaei Assassins went up against Azubu Frost to win 3-1 in the League of Legends World Championship this last Saturday. Ten thousand fans were in attendance while millions watched around the world. The events of the semi finals which saw Azubu Frost fined were on everyone’s mind as they watched the intense esports event. Oh, and if anyone was counting Taipaei Assassins went home with a cool 1 mill in prize money.



Brick-Force Heads for the Stars

Sandbox shooter Brick-Force is heading for space. Which means sexy space suits, adjustable gravity and awesome new weaponry. In addition there will be new bricks to create with and interactive elements like launch pads. The cosmic themed update is expected later this month.



Dark Age of Camelot Celebrates 11 Years Running

Not many games make it to the 11 year mark like DAoC has. But they’re doing it with grace. Oh and by giving players more options for race and class combinations. Half Ogres can be Maulers, Lurikeens can be Blademasters, and Kobolds can be Berserkers! What is the world coming to!? Oh, Happy Birthday DAoC!



New Trailer Released for Neverwinter

You guessed it, we have another trailer from this weekend’s New York Comic Con. This time around it is for Perfect World’s upcoming MMO Neverwinter.



RaiderZ Video Highlights New Zone

If you haven’t had enough trailers yet check out the newest one from RaiderZ which highlights Riode zone.


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