Shotgun News 10/3: Guild Wars 2, CABAL Online, Hero Bash, and More!

Guild Wars 2 Free Trial and Sale Extended

GW2 Twilight Assault

The Guild Wars 2 Free Trial which started on September 27th is being extended through this weekend. Originally the free trial was due to end today but now trial accounts will remain active until Sunday, October 6th. And to go along with it the current sale on Guild Wars 2 which reduces the Digital Heroic Edition will also be available for $39.99 for an extended period, until Tuesday, October 8th.


Microtransactions on Hold in GTA Online

Rockstar has disabled Microtransactions while GTA Online is plagued with problems, including players not being able to purchase the currency. Players will still earn the currency, called GTA$ by taking part in profitable in game activities.


Esc Bros Announce Hero Bash

Need a MOBA you can play on the go? Hero Bash is coming to an app store near you. This quirky one of a kind party MOBA will be available on all iOS devices. Features will include Mighty Heroes with unique abilities, multiplayer fun up to 4v4, upgrades, and presents.

CABAL Online Greenlit on Steam

After spending 83 days on Valve’s Steam Greenlight program ESTsoft’s CABAL Online has been greenlit and will soon be available on Steam. More information on dates, and region support will be coming soon.

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