Shotgun News 10/8: Guild Wars 2, Dust 514, Age of Wushu, and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG News Editor

Guild Wars 2 Announces Next Week’s Blood and Madness Release


The next stage of the Guild Wars 2 living story has been announced. Getting things in gear for Halloween Mad King Thorn will be making an appearance once again. This time with his son, Bloody Prince Edrick. Making a return from last year are fan favorites the Mad Realm Doors, Mad King’s Labyrinth, and of course the Mad King’s Clocktower. All of this arrives with some class balancing and the first World vs World Season event.


Dust 514 Hires new Executive Producer and Releases Update 1.5


Veteran game producer Jean-Charles Gaudechon has been hired as the new Executive Producer for Dust 514 which will continue to be developed in the Shanghai office of CCP. And while all this shuffling around is taking place players can get their hands on Update 1.5 which introduces an all new squad finder, expands Corporation Roles, and gives a revised experience to new players.


Age of Wushu Announces 8 School Instances


Snail Games has released two lengthy news posts which go into detail about a new feature that can be expected in Age of Wushu this winter. School Instances are secrets hidden away from the world in the Forbidden Grounds. Facing the Forbidden Instance is required to reach the apex of strength and power in your School. To find out more about each Instance check out the post on the official site.


Illusionists Arrive in Spirit Tales

KoramGame has announced a new class is joining the Spirit Tales roster. The Illusionist is joining the ranks to take on the role of protector and healer. They use their magic to defend soldiers from enemy attacks, while using fire attributes to heal others. As players advance the Illusionist they will gain the ability to control thunder, summon spirit beasts, and even transform into demons.


Open Beta Date Announced for Heva Clonia Online

Heva Clonia Online Open Beta

After a hugely successful first beta test OGPlanet has announced that Heva Clonia Online will enter open beta on October 17th. Sign ups are now available on the official website and keeping an eye on Heva Clonia’s Facebook account is encouraged as upcoming events and contests will be found there.

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