Shotgun News 11/26: Eldevin, C9, GW2, and More!

Eldevin Launches This Weekend

After 8 years of production Hunted Cow Studios is launching their flagship project, Eldevin. The self funded MMO uses Java, making it accessible by browser on Windows, Mac, and Linux. But you don’t have to wait until the official launch this weekend. There are Founders Packs available ranging from $10 to $1,000. Even the lowest level gets instant beta access.


Panzar Now on Steam

Fantasy MOBA Panzar is now available via Steam. Alexander Steshenko, CEO of PANZAR Studios, explains: “We are excited to bring Panzar to Steam. Panzar has been available for a period of time in Europe already, but we’d like to make it easier for players to join and play with friends. With Steam, the user experience for Panzar will be even better, and in addition, Panzar will enjoy the benefits of easier global game operation and metrics.”


C9 Announces Fourth Expansion

Webzen’s fantasy-action MMORPG C9 has announced their fourth expansion, Rahkdan’s Counterattack will arrive tomorrow, November 27th! The update includes a server-wide character rebalance, making C9 more challenging than ever. But tomorrow’s update is just the first part of the expansion. Two more installments will be added in the coming months.


Guild Wars 2 Fractured Update Launches Today

Players have been eagerly awaiting new mini dungeons in Guild Wars 2 since the July launch allowed players to decide what would be made next. The winning Fractal is finally making it’s first appearance today along with several other new Fractals. And that isn’t all! They’ve got another competition going on, and a new video for it.

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