Shotgun News 12/16: Project Copernicus, Mythos Global, and SWTOR

No Takers for Project Copernicus in Auction

The saga of 38 Studios continues as the weekend auction for Project Copernicus has an unexpected outcome. There were no bids high enough for Project Copernicus or Kingdoms of Amalur. But the weekend wasn’t a complete bust, Rise of Nations and Rise of Legends both raised $320,000.


Mythos Global Shutdown Announced

Mythos Global

The holiday season has claimed yet another victim as Mythos Global announces they’re shutting down. The in game cash shop will close down this week on December 18th, while the MMO itself will remain open until January 22nd. Compensation for recent purchases are in the works and more will be announced soon.


Star Wars: The Old Republic Celebrating 2nd Anniversary

This week SWTOR will begin celebrating their second anniversary with a new paint job and explosives! Everyone with an active account on December 16th will receive two galactic starfighter paint jobs and 25 stacks of faction based fireworks.

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