OnRPG Shotgun News 5/3: Defiance, Infinite Crisis, and TSW in Today’s MMO News

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG News Junkie


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Defiance Reaches 1 Million Milestone

Trion Worlds has reported that Defiance, the MMO has reached 1 million registrations just one month after its release. Meanwhile the TV show has enjoyed over 2 million viewers each of the three episodes which have aired so far. 500 hellbugs have also been killed and 50 million miles have been driven.

Infinite Crisis Highlights Two Deadly Ladies

New Champion Profile videos have been released for Poison Ivy and Gaslight Catwoman. The videos talk about the various skills the two ladies have and talk about the best tactics for them. Been Gaslight Catwoman’s Steam powered claws and Poison Ivy’s healing abilities the ladies of Infinite Crisis are not to be messed with. Beta starts May 8th so there is still time to register.

The Secret World Invites You to a Golden Weekend

This weekend it is party time for all the sweetlings out there in The Secret World. There are bonuses to be had for long time players and someone just buying the game. From double ability points to a $15 bonus for anyone who buys TSW this weekend isn’t to be missed.

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