Shotgun News 6/11: Black Gold, GW2, TSW, Infinite Crisis, and much more!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG News Monkey


Black Gold English Website Live

Black Gold Steam castle

During all the excitement of E3 it may have gone unnoticed that the website for Snail USA’s Black Gold has gone live. Well our forum goers didn’t miss it! And thanks to OnRPG forum user Seya we didn’t miss it either. The website isn’t complete quite yet though. There are still a lot of coming soon signs where information on Races, Classes, and even the backstory should be. But if you’re looking for pretty pictures that is the place to go. They have concept art, wallpapers, and screenshots all available. And though they may be empty the forums are live too! Be sure to come back later in the week for a look at Black Gold from E3.


Missing Worlds Media Announces Incoming Kickstarter

Born from the ashes of City of Heroes’ fall Missing Worlds Media was formed by a group of fans to start work on a spiritual successor, The Phoenix Project. After more than half a year of work. Missing Worlds Media has announced they will be taking it to Kickstarter. The Kickstarter Campaign is expected to launch in early September. This gives MWM a chance to get out the elbow grease as they polish the proposal and campaign. And once the E3 dust settles be on the lookout on OnRPG for an interview with the developers.


Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash Begins Today

Today marks the start of the Dragon Bash in Guild Wars 2! After drama unfolded in Southsun Cove the residents of Lion’s Arch are putting on a celebration which gives a nod back to the ancient Dragon Festivals of old (Guild Wars). New weapons skins to fireworks displays the Dragon Bash has a little something for everyone. If you want to know more about it check the
early look at the celebration in Tyrian Times. And look at what happens when our sister site MMOHuts runs into a dragon in the video below.

The Secret World Black Weekend

A special Black Weekend event is taking place in The Secret World this weekend and everyone is invited! So what does this mean? Double XP! Every 24 hours you can claim a free xp potion from the store for double the experience points for 8 hours. Double the Black Bullion, everytime you do something that would earn you Black Bullion, you get two! Free Boots! It’s the end of the world as we know it, and you get free boots from the in game store! The event starts this Friday and runs until Monday.


Infinite Crisis Reveals New Map

A new map has come to the closed beta of Infinite Crisis! CoastCity features two lanes, defensive turrets and a massive area simply called The Wastes. In The Wastes you find creatures of all sorts…and The Doomsday Device! And to make things even more interesting there is a neutral turret to defeat and Power Relays scattered all over the map.

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