Shotgun News 9/5: Allods, Hawken, Heva Clonia Online

Allods Merges EU Servers and Announces Expansion


Today Webzen announced that with the launch of the Everlasting Battle expansion sometime this September all EU servers would come together. This includes the English, Polish, German, and French communities. New subscription options will also be introduced at that time. The expansion will also include a new Dominion Raid and many other changes.


HAWKEN Ascension Update Introducing Oculus Rift Support

Meteor Entertainment has announced the largest update to come to HAWKEN is on the way. With it comes quality of life improvements, new game modes, a new map, and much more. A new player progression update will give players more control and customization. And all of this on top of the alpha level Oculus Rift support.


Heva Clonia Online Gameplay Test Beginning


Gameplay testing will begin for Heva Clonia Online from September 19-30th. Players will have access to various quests, co-op dungeons, guild battles, and much more. There will also be competitions and more fun on their official facebook page throughout the event.

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