Shotgun News 9/6: Runescape 3, Lost Saga, and TERA

Runescape 3 Celebrates Successful First Month

The first month of Runescape 3 has come and gone. With it arrived more than 300,000 new players and 100,000 former players reactivating their accounts. This means more than 220 million accounts have been created since 2001, more than the entire population of Brazil.


Lost Saga Introduces New Hero and Colosseum Map


Overnight a new hero entered Lost Saga. The Sorcerer is a master of magical arts, with the ability to teleport foes, fire bolts, and rain the power of the elements down on any against them. The update also features a new map, Colosseum. A new PvP map for several different modes.


TERA Breaks Silence With 4 New Dungeons!

Four new dungeons have been highlighted in a series of videos. And you’re in luck as we have all of them right here.

Shattered Fleet:

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