Silkroad Online Prepares to Celebrate White Day

Silkroad Online Prepares to Celebrate White Day



Joymax, leading online game developer and publisher, announced today that love is in the air again for March, with a festive Celebration for White Day in Silkroad Online! Break out the cuddling, gifts, and intense competition for 11th and 12th grade items, for a limited time.



In Asian countries, Valentine’s Day is for girls to express their affection to the men in their life; a month later, White Day is when the roles are reversed and the guys must lay their undying affection at the door of their women.  Whether you celebrate White Day or not, Silkroad Online is happy to bring this eastern tradition to a global audience, and is sharing the love with contests and free items galore!



From now until March 20th, players will be awarded randomly special 11th and 12th grade equipment.  These rare high level pieces can only be acquired through very limited methods, so the lucky recipients will acquire some highly coveted items!  For those who receive or own a piece of equipment they can’t use, not a problem: during the festival period, these special equipment pieces can be traded to an NPC for a small fee, and it will be transformed into another piece.  Chinese and European weapons and armor will always exchange to the same category.


Special White Day items can also be acquired through defeating monsters and looting the Pledges of Love collectable.  Exchange these to receive bonus EXP scrolls, Intensifying Elixirs, and 11th level equipment – the perfect pairing for your new 11th grade weapons and armor!  Upgrade weapons, shields, armor, and accessories with equipment that will move your character to the next level of competition.  Be sure to exchange all the Pledges before White Day ends as they disappear forever.



“Valentine’s Day was so successful, it was exciting to know we’d be able to run a second event with the same sort of sentiment but a totally new set of events,” said Joymax CEO, Nam-chul Kim.  “This is the biggest in-game giveaway we’ve hosted so far, and it’s the perfect time of year to show off the love we have for our players!”

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