Silkroad Online’s Carnival Arrives

Silkroad Online’s Carnival Arrives




Joymax today revealed that their new premium server for Silkroad Online, Genesis, will go live tomorrow, on November 15th. To celebrate the launching of their first members only VIP server, Silkroad Online is also running a giant carnival for all servers including events for players of every level!



Introducing the next server, Genesis!  For its first month, players will enjoy the “Fever of Creation” event, where all characters on Genesis will enjoy a boost in EXP/SP/Drop rates; this is in addition to the Carnival boost of experience and drop rates, giving a total MASSSIVE 300% EXP boost and a 200% Drop Rate bonus!  There will also be a variety of GM events running now until December 13th.  Players making Silk purchases for their characters on Genesis will also receive a lucrative cash shop discount until next month, so now is the perfect time to stock up on all your favorite power items.



If that’s not enough, the Carnival has arrived and is ready to charm players new and old.  From now until December 13th, players can enjoy a variety of boosts, activities, sales, and much more.  First, during the carnival there is a 100% EXP/SP boost – and if that wasn’t enough to get players online, there is also an attendance event where players can receive SP scrolls as well as a coveted Stat/Skill Reset scroll.



Working towards new equipment?  Now is the time to upgrade, as 11/12D alchemy is boosted by 30% through the next month.  This is in addition to several drop rate improvements, including 12D magic items in the Dimension of Mirrors, inside Jupiter Temple and Advanced Elixirs from the Tomb of Pharoah.  Need a bigger boost?  Astral, Immortal, Special, and Proof stones are all 25% off!





Those seeking something new will find a new avatar outfit, the Fantasy Knight, a token to change a character or guild’s name, as well as a skill/stat reset items – one for level 1-100, another for 101+.  The in-game survey system has been upgraded based on player feedback, the gold exchange limit has been increased from 100 million to 1 billion.  Also in response to player feedback, Premium Gold Time and EXP Scrolls may now be used simultaneously.  Last but not least is a new Hack Shield Update, continuing the Joymax promise to maintain stronger security against real-money trade and botting.

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