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Original the Character Editorial 2

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It’s been a running joke for years on the Internet. As long as there has been a World Wide Web, there has been “Original Content: Do Not Steal” or “Original the Character”. I don’t know too many people who haven’t made an “OC”. That’s because I run with a lot of roleplayers and RPG/Anime fans. It’s healthy, it’s fine. An “OC” is an Original Character, generally inserted into an already established world. This is far different from making a D&D character, a Vampire/Werewolf character, et cetera. A lot of these are inserted into anime and video game worlds, and more often than not, they are tied to the main character or a male/female lead that they’re attracted to. I think that this is fine, in and of itself. Even I’ve made one. Back in Middle School, I made a Sailormoon OC, a Soldier from the Dark Moon, Kage Senshi Mercury. That was what one of my first email accounts was, if not the first. I didn’t do much with it, other than write one or two fanfiction that never saw the light of day. It was my first foray into dramatic writing, and I actually enjoyed it. I doubt I still have it, but I do remember what it was about. That’s not wh at we’re here to talk about today though. I just felt like you needed a bit of backstory on what an OC is. Why?

OC the Character Editorial 1

Because of Sonic the Goddamn Hedgehog that’s why! Sonic Forces is an upcoming Sonic title, which I feel is in the Sonic Generations line, or at least, using their style of switching from 2D to 3D gameplay. Generations was great! I don’t know why I have to keep telling people that I enjoy Sonic games. Maybe it’s because I don’t espouse that love, cry it out to the heavens for all to hear that I <3 Sonic. Because I don’t. I merely like some of the games. If you aren’t being loud, it doesn’t matter, I guess. So here’s the deal. In Sonic Forces, Original the Character is playable. Yes, your fan character, Steve the Hedgehog, or Lewddood the Echidna will be canon in your playthrough. I … when I heard this, I laughed until I turned red in the face. I don’t rightly know how I feel about this, but I wanted to share it. This is probably the dumbest, weirdest gaming news I’ve heard this week. You can create your own Hedgehog, which will no doubt have Deviant Art and Tumblr all in a tizzy. I absolutely cannot wait to see what is created due to this. I’m not bashing the Sonic fandom, please be aware of this. But I do think that comedy is on the horizon. We need something lighthearted to laugh about, after the past few weeks. Want to see just what I mean? Type “your name” the Hedgehog into Google Images. Click the first one that shows up. Editor’s Note: This is not to make fun of the quality of the art, or the love of the Sonic fandom. Just to see that virtually everyone who has a name.. has a Hedgehog. Some of the “Jason the Hedgehogs” are pretty amazingly drawn. Some of them have backstories, likes, dislikes. See above for MiakodatheBright‘s “Jason the Hedgehog”.

So this is real, it’s happening. Do you have an OC you created, that you’re either immensely proud of/a little ashamed of? Hit me below?


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  • Herschel Pilcher III

    I am glad Original the Character will be getting his/her/shkler own title. He/She/Sckler has worked very hard and done some things.. well.. frankly NO ONE would be proud of.. but all that hard work paid off.

    But seriously, you know I automatically look favorably on any game with create-a-character mode. Hopefully it works out well, as the newer Sonic games have all looked really fun.

  • KDH81

    Coming from someone who is no stranger to Create-a-Character in games, and fanfiction in an of itself… I must lay my concerns out bare. The world is now coming to an end. It is the time of the apocalypse. The four horseman shall reign down vengeance upon the heathens who embrace this madness. That said… looking forward to seeing that madness in action. Another good article. Keep up the great work.

  • Sara Maret

    Looking foward to the inevitable episode of Monster Factory.