Skaven Arrive in Warhammer Online: Patch Patch, Quick Quick

Skaven Arrive in Warhammer Online: Patch Patch, Quick Quick


Game Update 1.4 for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is now live!


Update 1.4, The Verminous Horde, brings a wave of new changes to the ongoing battle between Order and Destruction in the Warhammer world. For most players the biggest change will of course be the addition of the Skaven.


Skaven Arrive in Warhammer Online


The Skaven have long been a simultaneously entertaining and irritating faction in Warhammer, on the board, in the fiction and now in the game. 1.4 brings the chance for players to actually play as the Skaven, throwing all sorts of chaos into the mix of the open battles.  If sneaking along at speed as a Gutter Runner or attempting to smash in Keep doors as a Rat Ogre appeals, now is the time to join the battle and take control of the rat race.


Not to leave all the glory to the furry fiends, there are also new Open Realm V Realm mechanics allowing players to take the battle directly to keeps and doing away with the previous victory points system. Along with those changes there have been revamps to the Renown system and packs added to the EA Store. More on those RvR Packs soon.


Full Patch notes are available here.

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