Smite 3.10 Thoughts: Glittering Prizes


Hey everyone! The Viking Invasion is still going strong! Villages are covered in a brilliant flame and people are playing game modes just for quest objectives. But that’s not important right now! What IS important is patch 3.10, and the big takeaway is Fafnir! The Lord of Glittering Gold is on his way and he’s a support/Guardian! The best role deserves the most love, after all.  I’m going to be doing a review of him after he launches so I’ll keep what he does brief:

Endless Greed: Bonus gold from all minions, structures, kills, and assists. He also gets bonus protection for gold on hand. I can feel how silly this might become in my bones.

Curse Strength: Hurl your hammer; if it hits a God it stuns them and pulses a slow and damage around them.  It hurts even more in Dragon Form, and shreds protections too!

Coerce: Buff an allies attack speed, and heals himself. Whenever his ally damages an enemy he gets increased magic damage.  In Dragon Form, it can affect multiple targets. This is going to make teamfights really mean really fast.

Underhanded Tactics: Leap and Damage targets as well as apply a disarm! In Dragonform it deals additional damage over time. Dragon Form leaps much farther, does more damage, and stuns the nearest foe in addition to disarming.

Draconic Corruption: TURN INTO A DRAGON. He can’t be targeted during the process; he poisons enemies around him when he reappears, and he stays as a dragon until the timer wears off or he reactivates it. His auto becomes a ridiculous dragon breath [but at least it can’t proc on-hit effects].  It’s absolutely monstrous. Huh? Huh?  Anyway. . .


NEW GOD SKINS: Ski Patrol Skadi, Aphra Cadabra Aphrodite, Demon King Ravana, Nile Stalker Sobek, Wyrm Slayer Ullr, Covetous Fafnir. Also Jing Wei’s Mastery Skins.

Achievements: Aprhodite, Nox, Ratatoskr got some new achievements forthcoming!


  • A few miscellaneous fixes that can be seen in the patch notes [linked below]. Fixed an issue with Artemis.
  • Gauntlet of Thebes, Mail of Renewal, Stone of Gaia all gained more Health.

God Changes:


  • Ah Muzen Cab, He Bo, Kukulkan

  • Ratatoskr, Raijin, Susano

As always, the patch notes are right here.

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