SMITE Adventures RPG/How Bacchus Got His Groove Back



SMITE Adventures is probably one of the most ambitious things to happen in MOBAs. Sure, League creates cool game modes too, but they don’t do it quite like this. Can you use real money/gems to unlock some extra stuff? Sure you can. You’re under no compunction to do so though. But you know what I love about these? Each one is new and exciting, a way to distract you from things that are bogging you down or upsetting you, whether it’s in-game or not! So far we’ve had board games, capture the flag, Mario Kart … and what’s next? A whole new look for Hercules! He gets his own town, a Kingdom! The Trials of King Hercules is coming in patch 4.10, it’s a three player adventure, where players start in a cool central hub, pick from over 70 Gods, and undertake quests, kill monsters, get loot, and rinse/repeat! It’s an MMO version of Smite, something I never knew I wanted until I got it. As someone who plays MMOs for a living, I’m really excited for this and I didn’t think I would be! It’s fresh, it’s new, and it will offer a new way to look at the game, for a little while at least. I appreciate their attention to trying new stuff to see what sticks. Maybe some of these adventures will become their own games. There is so much you can do with the Smite IP.  The Trials of King Hercules offers two difficulties, Normal and Hard, and I’m glad the PTS won’t have the Hard Mode. Sure you can prep for the Normal, but nothing will prepare you for the insanity of Hard Mode.

NME Bacchus

I only have one other bone to pick: Bacchus got an update. However, I’m not saying it’s bad [because I love it]. One of the things I hated about Bacchus is that he looked like a fat, doofy hillbilly. Sure, Bacchus is traditionally thick [or thicc, if you prefer. Damn Internet…] and is definitely a drunk, but he’s not a doofus. The hashtag #notmyBacchus blew up and I think it’s foolish. It’s a great update for him, and changing some of the older, more silly styles to something that is a bit more serious. And besides, he still has a lot of his ridiculous skins, that will stay ridiculous. Elvis, Redneck, Opera … you still get to keep those! The only skins that got retooled are Base Skin, and NME [God, so glad I rock that skin.]. Oh and the Mastery skins. So it’s ultimately something for everyone. We all get to enjoy the part of the skins that we like. I’m especially happy they chose NME, because that’s the first team I ever found myself emotionally vested in as far as their success went. I will never understand why people can’t be happy for new things that only make a good game better. Next on my radar though, is the new champ for Paladins: Ash is going to be a bully, and I absolutely cannot wait to take her onto the field of battle. Look forward to a review soon!

Is there a God that’s a bit old that ought to get a rework? A cool idea for a Smite Adventure? Let me hear it!

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